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Swayamsewak as an Instrument of Social Change

Swayamsewak as an Instrument of National Change

History is created when a Swayamsewak becomes A Prime Minister, A Chief Minister or A Minister

Seventh and Eighth Golden Chapters in Indian History

When India was engaged in freedom struggle Swatantra Veer Savarkar wrote a well researched book ‘Six Golden Chapters in Indian History’. If he were alive now he would have added a few more Golden Chapters. The Seventh Chapter would have been the Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. In that war India humiliated the combined forces of USA, China and Pakistan. We liberated entire Bangladesh in a matter of 12 days, made USA nuclear warship Seventh Fleet to retreat, engaged the Chinese army all along the northern border, captured General Niazi and 95,000 Pakistan soldiers, misguided and destroyed Pak submarine Gazi, a gift from USA. These still rank among the greatest war victories. We salute our war heroes Field Marshall Manekshaw, Lt General J.S.Arora, Lt General George Jacob, Vice-Admiral Krishnan and the dare devil Indian Jawans for writing this Golden chapter.

Yet one more Golden Chapter was added when a swayamsewak (s/s) became Prime Minister in the 90s. We see how history is created when a s/s becomes Prime Minister (Atal Behari Vajpayee), when a s/s becomes Chief Minister (Narendra Modi) and when a s/s becomes a minister (Nitin Gadkari, urban affairs minister of Maharashtra).

Swayamsewak as an Instrument of Social and National Change: India transformed from a Borrowing Nation to a Lending Nation.
Atal Behari Vajpayee became Prime Minister in 1996, first for 13 days, then for 13 months and finally in 1998 for a full term of five years. When Atal ji became Prime Minister in 1998, India was deeply sunk in foreign debts. The World Bank around that period had warned other nations that India’s credit rating was – 2 B which means that any money given in loan to Bharat may not be repaid. Our slow rate of growth under Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was mocked by intellectuals as Hindu rate of Growth. In fact calling it Hindu economic growth was a misnomer, it was a Russian economic model.

Sardar Patel was the choice of the nation and that of Indian National Congress to become free India’s first PM. But it was our national tragedy that Nehru used Mahatma Gandhi’s influence to snatch that post. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was son of the soil and had his moorings in Hindu culture. Hence under his leadership, congressmen were very sure India will march towards self-sufficiency and world leadership. Nehru had no grooming in Hindu or Bharateeya ethos and culture. He transplanted Russian model of economy and socialism on our country. It was an economy that could not save Russia and left India with huge foreign debts. As the old saying goes, ‘Raja Bane Vyaparee, Praja Bane Bhikaree’. No wonder India was better off only after we rejected Russian socialism.

Due to the cumulative effect of India’s borrowing for the past 50 years, Atal ji figuratively speaking became the poorest Prime Minister of India. But when he stepped down as Prime Minister in 2004 and handed over the mantle to Dr Manmohan Singh, India had wiped out most of its foreign debts and we had an excess of 125 Billion dollars (Rs. 625,000 Crores) and thus Dr Manmohan Singh figuratively speaking became the richest Prime Minister of Bharat. Where to keep this money is the headache of the new Finance Minister. Such a major transformation can be expected only when a swayamsewak becomes a PM.

This breath-taking revolution took place in the midst of heavy sanctions levied by USA President Bill Clinton after the Pokhran Nuclear Tests in May 1998.
Indian scientists effectively conducted a series of 5 sub-terrain nuclear tests on 11th and 13th May 1998. 24 years earlier they had conducted the first nuclear test in 1974. Nuclear scientists around the word called this nothing short of a miracle. Such success rates were not known in a cutting edge technology like nuclear tests.

They were wonder struck at the success of Indian performance.
Immediately after the Pokhran Nuclear tests, Bill Clinton the president of USA slammed three sanctions against India. In short the three sanctions meant that,

1. no country or financial institution shall give any monetary aid to India since India instead of using the foreign aid for developmental activities was misusing them for nuclear tests,

2. no country shall give any scientific instrument to India; even Russia was told not to ship Cryogenic engines for which India had already paid,

3. no visa was will be issued to any Indian visiting USA and Visa was denied to no less an International scientist than Dr. Kasturi Rangan and to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

All the past Prime Ministers of India like P.V.Narasimha Rao, Deve Gowda, V.P.Singh, Chandra Sekhar, Inder Gujral said in one voice that the pool of Indian nuclear and missile scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam, PK Iyengar, Dr Chidambaram, Dr Kasturi Rangan have been telling them that they were ready for the next round of nuclear tests. But they did not yield to the pressures of scientists for the fear of economic sanctions from USA and the West which will take India to middle ages. Some veteran Congress leaders pointed out that such a foolish act was avoided by Rajeev Gandhi and even by Indira Gandhi when she came to power a second time. Without foreign exchange India cannot import petroleum and food grains and without these all our developments in industries, transport system will be crippled and India will be driven back to bullock cart age.

Needless to say, our electronic and paper media started a crusade against Hindutva agenda and criticized that the scientists were no doubt fool but PM Atal ji was a greater fool in succumbing to their demands. Many articles and letters condemning Atal ji were published in several news media.

But the mood of the nation was in sharp contrast to these so called intellectuals. When surveys were conducted by different agencies under such vitiated atmosphere, the results bore a shock to the media and pseudo secularists. 96% of Indians said they were immensely proud of what Atal ji had done and that they were ready for any sacrifice to teach America a lesson.

Overseas Indians to the rescue of Bharat to negate Economic Sanction
Needing foreign currency urgently, Indian government issued India Resurgent Bonds and requested the overseas Indians to purchase these bonds and help India with much needed foreign exchange. The mood of overseas Indians was also as patriotic as those in Bharat and they purchased all the bonds in record time and urged the government to print more bonds. With dollar in its pocket, Atal ji’s government went about economic reforms to put the wheels of development at a breath-taking pace.

The success story of Disinvestments and Indian Entrepreneurs
Under Union Minister Arun Shourie in Atalji’s cabinet, many loss making government organizations were privatized and were allowed to compete in the world market. In a short time, it was seen that the loss making institutions like State Bank of India, Steel Authority of India and Oil and Natural Gas Commission became highly profit making industries and now rank within 200 of world’s leading industries. Indian businessmen also played their roles and very soon our Mittals, Ambanis, Tatas and Birlas became world players. Among the world’s eight richest entrepreneurs, four (namely LN Mittal, Mukesh and Anil Ambani and KP Singh) are Indians. After all our million year old caste system has given this confidence and sharp business acumen to our vaishya community.

Some years back when Ramesh Chauhan sold his Parle brands to Coca-Cola amidst much criticism, he got a reported Rs. 180 crore. Now Infosys and Wipro propose a takeover of foreign companies of Rs 44,000 crore each ($10 Billion each). This is more than the combined GNP of several African and even European countries. The GNP of Guinea Bissau is $ 0.2 billion, of Gambia $ 0.4 billion. The GNP of Armenia is $ 1.7 billion, Albania $ 2.7 billion, Estonia $ 4.9 billion, Latvia $ 5.9 billion. All major Indian software companies are already MNCs. All of them have branches abroad; all do most of their high-end work abroad using foreign employees, and then do the low-end work very cheaply in India. No foreign company can compete with us.

Suddenly Indian companies look like world-beaters. Infosys is valued in the US stock market at $ 40 billion, more than traditional MNCs like Dow Chemicals, or military-industrial-complex giants like Raytheon and Northrop-Grumman. In the new knowledge economy, brains matter more than physical assets. And it seems Indians can match the world’s best in brain power. This brain power comes to us from our ten thousand year Vedic life style taught to us by our Rishis. Slowly modern Indian youth are forgetting Bharatiya tradition, culture and heritage (due to the influence of our TVs and movies). If this continues Indians in another 500 years will become the dullest people on the globe.

When Laxminiwas Mittal wanted to take over Arcelor, Europe’s biggest steel factory, editorials in European language news papers wrote bitterly against the take over. Media spit fire of Mittal’s audacity. France Preseident Mittrand on his visit to Bharat, made a special request to Indian Prime Minister to tell Mittal not to buy their prestigious industry. Inspite of all these hurdles Mittal succeeded in buying Arcelors. A few months later Tatas were celebrating their acquisition of the Anglo-Dutch steel firm Corus and the catapulting of Tata Steel into world steel’s big-five status (by revenue). It should. The $12 billion deal is the biggest deal out of India and is done by a private sector entity of its own volition away from the shadow of state influence. The AV Birla group’s takeover of the U.S. based aluminum products manufacturer Novelis for a consideration of approximately $6 billion came within two weeks after the Tatas inked their deal with Corus.
A swayamsewak PM made these and many more achievements possible.

The economic sanctions of USA have taken a beating.
A Swayamsewak becoming Prime Minister is epoch making.

The Confidence of Our Scientists in Negating the Second Sanction
Atalji called a meeting of our scientists to inform them about the scientific sanctions impose on us. He said that the Cryogenic ordered on Russia will not come to us and similarly we will be deprived of assistances from other countries for many scientific instruments and equipments. He urged the scientists to reschedule their nuclear, rocket, satellite, super computer plans because of these hindrances. Our scientists requested Atalji to speak to Bill Clinton and make a request on their behalf. Atalji explained that as a PM of Bharat he will not kneel down before anyone especially before Bill Clinton (as it is I have a severe knee problem and so cannot bend before anyone). But our scientists insisted that Atal ji should request Bill Clinton to change the scientific sanctions from 2 years to 20 years, since they do not need any help from USA. That was the self-confidence of our Indian scientists. Two years ago ISRO Chairman Dr G Madhavan Nair announced that we have successfully tested Cryogenic engines. Successful launching of Chandrayaan-I has proved that for the Indian scientists even sky is not the limit. One should also remember that some of the scientists like APJ Abdul Kalam and PK Iyengar are products of remote villages and municipal schools. Many of them have never gone overseas for studies or trainings. They have visited foreign countries only to train their scientists and to share their expertise.

Today most leading countries including USA want to jump on our bandwagons. They compete with each other to be part of the Chandrayaan project.

Microsft Bill Gates and many others denounce US government for the 3rd sanctions
India wisely did not react to Bill Clinton’s sanction against giving visa to any Indian. It was an internal matter of USA. Indian economy can survive without USA but the bigger question is can American economy survive without smart young Indian professionals going there in thousands every year. The owners of world’s largest multinational companies like Microsoft, IBM, Dell Computers, Hewlett Packard, Intel, General Motors, Standard Charted Bank etc got frightened and informed Bill Clinton that this law will not have any impact on India since every other country like Japan, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Korea were giving visas to young Indians in thousands. They also made it clear that as a result of Clinton’s foolish decision, USA would lose its supremacy and in world market and soon products from Japan and Germany will dominate the world. Made by Indians is the mantra in this new age. Finally they all threatened Bill Clinton that they would scale down their operations in USA and start their offices in India. Around that period Bill Gates of Microsoft made a well studied statement that Indians are the most intelligent people in the world. Bill Gates is qualified to say this since he has employed and tested almost all nationalities in his MNC. US repelled visa restriction on Indians at the earliest.

Bill Clinton who said India was enemy of US in 1998 made a special visit to Bharat in 2000 and addressed the joint session of Indian Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha declaring India as an important economic partner of USA. This turnaround is sufficient to show how a swayamsewak works his way through obstacles. For a swayamsewak every challenge is a God-sent opportunity and he uses it to his best advantage.

How the Third Sanction of not granting visas to Indians was negated
The third sanction of not granting visas to Indians was the most ridiculous of the three sanctions. India never did anything to repel this act. It was done by the MNCs of USA. Owners of world’s leading corporates like Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell Computers, General Motors and Standard Chartered Bank became panicky on hearing the third sanctions. They all depend on thousands of young talented Indian professionals every year to keep their products to world standards and to drive their corporations floating at the top in these days of high International competitions. They pressurized Bill Clinton government to withdraw the third act. Initially US government suggested that they could import cheap labour from friendly countries like Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia and even Afghanistan. But it was flatly rejected by US MNCs who were looking for quality professionals. Bill Gates of Microsoft said at this juncture that having worked with professionals all over the world, he can say with authority that the Indians are the most intelligent people in the world. American government repelled the act in no time. Today over 80,000 Indian professionals are needed every year to keep US companies functioning. In 2007 US embassy in India gave visas to 2,00,000 Indians. What a great turn-around!!

Achievements of Swayamsewak Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Urban Affairs in Maharashtra
Commuting in Mumbai was nightmare all these years. Narrow and ill maintained roads, pot holes would hamper speed and damage the vehicles. Reaching airport from Taj Inter-continent was an adventure and missing a flights was not a rare phenomenon. But it is not so any more. How? Here is another success story of a swayamsewak minister.

Nitin Gadkari in his five year tenure as Urban Affairs Minister in Maharashtra built 53 flyovers in Mumbai there by enabling cars, buses or trucks to go non-stop from one end of Mumbai to out of Mumbai. What a great relief it has been to all those who have enduered the night mare of the eighties. They flyovers were built to International standards without draining the tax-payers money. Under Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) scheme these were built by private builders. Nitin repeated this miracle in other cities of Maharashtra including Nagpur, Pune, Sambhaji Nagar, Nasik etc.

Narendra Modi as a Model of Swayamsewak Chief Minister
Gujarat under Narendra Modi is growing at about 13% economically and that keeps National growth rate between 8 -9%. When Tatas were frustrated with West Bengal government over Nano car project, they chose Gujarat as their destination. Within 20 days of the bomb blasts in Karnavati, Gujarat police caught all the culprits hiding in distant places in UP and Bihar. Can any other state compare itself with Gujarat in any of its accomplishments? No wonder even Sonia Gandhi had no options but to bestow on him the best Chief Minister’s Award.

The Sangh as Instrument of Social and National Change in Overseas countries
The success story of Astronaut Sunita Pandya
In 2006 November Sunita Pandya Williams became the second Indian origin woman to fly into outer-space after Kalpana Chawla. She holds three records for female space travelers:
· longest spaceflight (195 days),
· number of space walks (four), and
· total time spent on spacewalks (29 hours and 17 minutes).
· On April 16, 2007, she also ran the first marathon by an astronaut in orbit. Sunita finished the Boston Marathon in four hours and 24 minutes.

Among the personal items Sunita took with her to the International Space Station (ISS) were a copy of the Bhagavad Gita, a small figurine of Lord Ganesha, a letter in Hindi from her father Dr. Deepak Pandya and some samosas.
An IIT student on video conference questioned her ‘were you not afraid being all alone in outer space?’ She quickly answered ‘I was not alone. Lord Ganesh and Srimad Bhagwad Gita were constantly with me. So the question of being afraid does not arise’. This answer coming from a second generation Bharat Vanshi makes us feel proud. But there is something more to it.

Sunita Pandya was selected first in US Air Force and after several years of tough trainings and stringent tests, she was finally selected as an astronaut for ISS in 2006. In all her success the key words are discipline and hard work. From where did she get these qualities? Answering the media persons in Karnavati Sunita Pandya said she received the high degree of discipline in life from childhood from her father Dr Deepak Pandya. Dr Deepak Pandya ji himself had received these qualities of discipline and hard work from RSS shakha that he attended while in Gujarat, Bharat.

The Success Story of Sonal Shah
The new President of USA, Barack Obama has formed a body of 15 advisors. 2 among them Preeti Bansal and Sonal Shah are of Indian origin. Sonal Shah has been given the important task of bringing about a smooth transfer of power from Republican to Democratic Party. Sonal Shah who migrated to US as a child of 2 years has been active in USA with several youth activities and Indicorp. She has served the people of Gujarat during earth quake. She has also motivated several US students to spend some years in sewa Projects of Bharat. Her father Ramesh Shah is the national secretary of Ekal Vidyalay Foundation of America, her mother is vice-president of Overseas Friends of BJP and her uncle Diesh Shah is a HSS Vibhag karyavah in Houston. She won the Person of the year award for her youth activities. Her upbringing in a sangh family has richly contributed to her success in life and many spheres.

Other Exemplary Overseas Swayamsewaks
US Sanghachalak Dr Ved Prakash Nanda is a among the who is who in USA. His views are sought by media on several national and international issues. Many of his past students have been ministers. Most notable among them has been Secretary of State zMs. Condoleezza Rice. His past students have collected money and have established two chairs in Denver University in his name. Even in US universities this is a rare event for a living legend.

Dr. Bhishma Agnihotri was our ambassador at large in the early 2000s. Earlier he was Sanghachalak of Hindu Swayamsewak Sangh of USA. In US history, Dr Bhishma ji has been the youngest vice chancellor and hence the state of Louisiana honored him by declaring one day holiday as Bhishma Agnihotri day. He is also the receipient of an International Peace award from the hands of the President of Israel in the presence of the President of USA.

For 20 long years, Dr. Shiva Subramania was the Main Coordinator or Joint Coordinator of all Space Programs of USA ad for his contributions he has received the highest award from US government. He is an active swayamsewak since his childhood days.

Hasmukh Shah of Bradford, UK works for Ekal Vidyalay. He also endeavors tirelessly for the welfare of the local Indians and Englishmen. In honor of his services, Queen Elizabeth had invited him for a special dinner program.

Vinod Kumar is the President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of New Zealand. He runs the largest hardware shop in the whole of New Zealand.

Sri Arulananthan is a well known philanthropist in Sri Lanka. The world famous Kadir Kamam temple is run by Vishwa Hindu Parishad of Sri Lanka thanks to the active support of Sri Arulananthan ji. His contribution for the maintenance and running of this temple is enormous. He has been duly awarded by the Sri Lankan government.

Smt. Dr. Usha Ramakishun Jeeta is active with Hindu Sevika Samiti of Mauritius. When Mauritius government selected her as the ambassador to USA, she attended functions in White House and United Nations Head Quarters in New York clad in Bharateeya sarees, a very very rare scenario.

Vishwa Vibhag Saha Sanyojak Dr. Yashhwant Pathak has been able to forge unity among Aborigines and Pre Christian Pagans of the world, thus restoring in them a sense of pride and purpose.

The list is just a sample one. Many of our swayamsewaks and active karyakartas are heads of departments in many universities, running workshops on Ayurveda, Vedic Mathematics, Hindu concepts in Management, Ecology etc.

There is no dearth of creativity, courage and leadership in our swayamsewaks both in Bharat and overseas. They are the harbingers of change, Cultural Revolution, and development, dispelling darkness at dazzling speed and signaling death-knell to the evil designs of deceptive pseudo secular intellectuals.

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